We begin

I have worked in the marketing field for over twenty-years. If anybody came to me and said they wanted to promote their business I would be on it in a flash. I would have a marketing plan and logo comps by Wednesday. Brochures would be made, business cards printed by end of business on Friday. First few pages of the website would go live by the following Tuesday. Easy.

When I tried to market my own art business a few years ago, it was not so easy. I had some very difficult clients through the years (I could write a book about a few of them). I found that I was far worse.

I froze. Projects got abandoned. Logos never were finished and any idea I had just wasn’t right and required “more thought.”

Gentle pushes from my wife (Hi honey, I love you!) became shoves and I resisted more.

One day I saw a poster on a coffee shop for an art show. After a lot of self talk, I called the person in charge. They were no longer taking entries but I was invited to a meeting. Social events are not my thing but I went anyway. By the end of the meeting I was a member.

Our second show started last week (more about that in a later post) and I find myself sitting here with my collaborator, Pepe-the-Dog, asleep on my lap writing a blog post for my newly acquired website, mjwdesigns. art. Cool huh?

There is a long way to go but the journey has begun.