Doodle of the Day

I recently saw a wonderful presentation on painting with Gelli plates.  I was immediately addicted.  It is finger painting for adults.

For those unfamiliar with the process, it is simple…it requires a Gelli plate which is a chunk of sticky plastic available at most art retailers and on line in a variety of sizes.  I simply put some a squirt of paint on the plate, placed a clean piece of paper on top and burnished it.  Remove the paper and let it dry.  The real fun begins when you add other colors, brush strokes, shapes and the like.

A lot of artists layer their art work after it dries.  I prefer to work digitally and scan each piece after it dries and put them all together in Photoshop.  This particular piece used four different paintings layered together.

I tentatively tittled this piece “Lawn” because it is organic and full of life.  It is also the first week of March and about 15 degrees outside.  Perhaps I have Spring on my mind.