Hello. I am Michael J. White. I create images that combine paint, photography and found objects to create unique works of art.

Some of my favorites

magnolia × soulangeana

As winter turns to spring, few sights are more welcome than the over-whelming blooms of the pink magnolia. This image was captured at my parent’s house just outside the Philly area.

The flower takes on the persona of a ballerina dancing in a mist of soft pastel hues in celebration of spring’s arrival as the garden wakes and becomes alive again.

Aesculus flava

Having spent the last 25 or so years in Western PA, I have developed a deep appreciation for the Buckeye Tree. Twisted and contorted branches bear beautiful compound leaves and curious fruit.

If one is lucky they can be treated to gorgeous blooms in the spring. My collaborator, Pepe The Dog, and I were out for a walk in our favorite park when we came upon a young yellow buckeye. The sight was spectacular…it was as if nature performed just for us.

I tried to create that feeling in this piece in my studio…that the viewer is offered a personal peek into the soul of the tree.

Gladiolus sp.

Gladiolus are often thought of as the large spikes of color that stand proud at the back of a garden or as a bunch sitting in a vase. We often don’t pause to examine the beauty of the individual flowers.

I found these guys at a farmer’s market in town. While preparing the stalk to be photographed, I noticed the delicate beauty of the individual blooms. I chose to focus on that in this image.